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We: The term We as used on this website refers to Textile Punch embroidery digitizing service. The term us also refers to the same thing.

You: The term you refer to the customer or the prospective customer who we render services to or is yet to receive any service from us.

Service: The term service refers to our embroidery services and advises we may offer to your embroidery ideas. It also refers to the access to our websites.

By using our service and visiting our website, you agree to be bound by our Policy and Terms of Service. Furthermore, by making use of any service rendered by us, you agree that you shall be subject to any rules and regulations guiding the usage of such service(s). Using of our services implies that you have accepted this agreement. If you don’t agree to abide by our policy and our Terms of Service, please refrain from using this service.

By continually making use of our services, you agree that we shall collect information you give us, and we may share such information with our partners (such as payments vendors, collaborators, advertising companies etc.). The pieces of information collected by us are aimed at giving you a better experience each time you visit our websites or our office. Information collected by us can be changed. To change your information, simply login to your account, and visit the settings page, there you can edit or remove any piece of information on your account.

You shall not hold us responsible if your account is accessed by an unauthorized person by sharing your security details (such as your usernames or passwords) with them.

In line with international best practices, our site may place cookies on your web browser to collect information about your behavior whenever you visit our website. Cookies are small pieces of information placed on your web browser in order for a site administrator to understand user behaviors and the difficulty or otherwise of accessing information on a website. Cookies can be deleted at any time you wish to delete them by accessing your browser settings. Whenever you delete your cookies, we may place them again on your web browser on your next visit to our website. Depending on the web browser you are using, you have the ability to accept or reject cookies from our site. However, we may not allow you access to our service if you do not allow the use of cookies on your web browser. We may employ the use of Google analytics, doubleclick, Facebook, Twitter, and many other similar services with the aim of collecting and analyzing data. The data collected are not used for surveillance purposes. They are aimed at understanding the experiences of our visitors and improving it.

To avoid data leakage, we use the best encryption means to protect the information you give to us.
Whenever an account is registered with us, you will be required to create a password. It is your responsibility to secure your password and make it difficult to guess. You shall not hold us responsible if by any means an attacker is able to access your account with your password.

In case you forget your password or you see the need for changing your passwords, you can request for a password change. Upon the receipt of such request, you will be required to check either your email address or your phone for a verification code or link sent to your email address by us. It is your responsibility to protect your email address and your phone number from the reach of others who would want to access your account.

We shall only send verification code or link to the email address or phone number associated to your account which is given to us either at the time you created your account or at the time you made a change to your account details.

If we suspect a fraudulent activity, we may request that you verify your identity. If we are not sure of your integrity, we shall prevent further access to our service by you the customer. We may also require you to solve a puzzle or answer a security question before we allow you further access to our services.

From time to time we shall make any change to our Terms of Service and Policies. Whenever we make any change to our Terms of Service and Policies, we shall notify you through the appropriate media (social media, email communication, etc.). You will be required to agree to the latest Terms of Service and Policies before we grant you access to our services.