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Privacy Policy Terms

At Textile Punch embroidery service, we aim to satisfy the needs of every customer that comes our way. Our quality assurance team ensures that all works done are of an acceptable standard and is in line with the customer’s requirements before delivering the finished job to the customer. However, you may contact us within a period of 72 days after the receipt of your product if you find out that our work is not satisfactory. Upon receiving such complaint, we will inspect the work done and take any of the following actions

(1) Redo the embroidery task according to your requirements if we make the error of not fulfilling your requirements.

For every order placed, we normally deliver within a period of x to y business days. Order that requires extra services may take longer than that.

Delivery time starts counting from the time you place an order on our site and acknowledged by our sales representative.

It is very important to note that there are some other factors such as security, government policies, weather conditions, etc. which may have significant impact on delivery times. When such situations arise, we shall not be held responsible for any delay in delivery caused by these factors beyond our control.

Submission of Designs

By placing an order, it is advisable for you the customer, to deliver your designs for embroidery on time. Failure to deliver your designs on time may impact the delivery date of the embroidery work and you shall not hold us responsible for late delivery times caused by you.

Sometimes we may suggest ideas that may help in boosting your design works. By accepting our ideas on your design works you agree that you will not hold us responsible for any problems caused as a result of accepting our embroidery ideas. We reserve the right to reject any embroidery designs submitted by you for any reason we deem fit. Whenever we reject a request, we shall make full refund of the amount paid if work have not started on the project, however if we have made a delivery on a completed project, and you request a embroidery of another design on the same project and is rejected by us, we will only make a partial refund of the money paid on the ground that errors are made on the first embroidery task and such errors are caused by us. By approving any designs you submit and any suggestions we make to your designs, you agree that we shall not be held responsible for any errors in the artwork or design approved by you.

By patronizing our services, you agree that we shall not be held liable for any problems caused by the artwork you choose to embroider on your materials. Such problems may include but not limited to copyright infringements, character defamations, blasphemy, etc.


We shall require a full payment for the service, submission of your artwork, and approval of the artwork by us before the commencement of any embroidery request made by customers.

Sometimes we give discounts codes on our services. Whenever there is a discount on the prices of the services we offer, we normally have conditions that guides the usage of discounts codes offered on our services. These conditions shall be stated on whenever and wherever we make mention of discount codes. When a customer violates any of our terms and conditions on the usage of our discount codes, we reserve the right to cancel any payment made by the application of our discount codes. We reserve the right to change our pricing at any time without notifying anyone.


Unless stated otherwise, shipping of finished embroidery works shall attract a fee. This fee shall be communicated to the customer at the point of purchase on our website or local store.

Cancellations of Orders

A customer reserves the right to cancel any order on finished products within the acceptable time frame. However, when the acceptable time frame have passed, any cancellation request shall attract a fee of $XXX. The acceptable time frame for order cancellation is x to y business days.