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Can you do actually embroidery for the designs I get made?

No we only provide digitizing files for production.

Do I get a sew out with my order?

Yes, each orders comes with a sew out on the fabric prescribed at ordering.

Can you do 3d or puff digitizing?

We can do any and all kind of digitizing you may need.

Is resizing your digitized design a good idea?

Definitely not, increasing size will keep the stitch size same and will mess the digitized design. If you need any revisions or resizing needed, please create a ticket.

What is my order is not delivered in time or is not as I prescribed?

You are entitled to a full refund if result in not as to your expectation or as we promised or delivered later than the prescribed deadline.

Is there a charge for revisions or edits?

Revisions are free, charge is applied to edits.

What is if am not satisfied with the result?

If the result is not upto the mark or as promised full refund will be adjusted to your account.

What payment modes you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and payment methods including but limited to Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover.

Do you accept checks?

No we don’t accept checks

How soon can I get my order?

Standard delivery time is 12-48hours depending the time order was placed. For a rush deadline upto 4 hours, please select delivery time options at the time of order.

I don’t have a vector, just a drawing or image which I need to be vectored before digitizing?

Yes we have a vectorization service for converting your art in to digital vector ready for digitizing for embroidery.


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