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There was a time when embroidery digitizing was a field specialized by very few hence it was extremely expenses as the rule of demand of supply. With coming of the new age on internet ditizing firms like Textile Punch came to existence through which the cost of such services lowered to fraction of cost due to complete organized teams dedicated to provide cheapest solutions with best result ousting all those who enjoyed the rate of demand.

https://www.ultrapatches.com/We at Textile Punch have employed over 100 digitizers eliminating the issue of demand and supply. Whatever is your demand we here at Textile Punch can cater to your requirement regardless of size or number of orders without compromising in quality as we know that one design we make is to be printed on if not hundreds but thousands or even more articles made for everyday use and wear.


Our digitizing range is not just limited to particular fabrics or styles. We excel in all fields of digitizing providing never seen before results with using high detail of eye and QA methods.

Get the best digitizing firm onboard for all your digitizing needs to make sure every order saves you money, time without compromising on quality ever for a long term and fluid relationship between our company and you.


Crystal Clear Digitizing

When it comes to digitizing no one stand above the rest other than Textile Punch. In short our name is synonymous with digitizing. When someone needs digitizing the most reliable name comes to mind is Textile Punch. So why wait, choose from the packages below and get started.

Left Chest & Cap

1-2 Colors Simple Silhouette Designs

Simple 1-2 colors designs best of silhoutte designs or small logos with couple of colors


Midsize 4-7 inches

Multi Colors Detail Oriented Designs

Large design with high stich count with detailed oreinted designs for spaces which requires a larger design


Jacket Back

Multi Colors & Shading Highly Detail Oriented Designs

Full jacket back or similar size designs with high amount of stitch count required with higher detail and complexity in colors

$150 /on quote
Combo Deals

Left Chest + Jacket Back

Unlimited Colors Realism Oriented Designs

Left chest and Jacket back design with unlimited colors and stitch count prescribed. This bundled offer is just for you.

$85 /on quote

Left Chest + Cap + Jacket Back

Unlimited Colors Upto 256 Colors

BEST OFFER: Why not make it a trifecta, get Left Chest, Cap and Jacket back for the low low price of $95 only.

$95 /on quote

Prices may vary design to design due to complexity, detail and colors. For the optimum price place order now and the difference will be shared high (added to total) or low (minus from total).

Any Format, Any Software

At Textile Punch one thing you can be certain of that all your digitizing needs are taken care of. Whatever your requirement for software, machine or fabric we provide deliverables in any format recommended by you. If your software is not listed in the order form, no worries. Just create a ticket or mention in the special comments section of the order form and we will take care of it.